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Be Ye Prepared?

Criminey! I've been such a slack-ass -- no art in a while. The good news is, I've got some coming. Hooray!

Process Art: Daily Addictions

As it would seem, what may be my only vacation for this year begins tomorrow. To keep myself from stressing about this week's sketches, I've opted to upload one of my recent completed projects, 'Daily Addictions'. This was my first experiment in process art, and thus a bit out of my style, but it called to my love of beautiful papers.

The actual process involved treating my paper with coffee, food oils, heat, vodka, and cigarettes. I'm more proud of the paper than the images, so at a later date I'd love to continue with this process. I'd really love more ideas on what images I could use, or different spins on these. My main problem I ran into involved all my pens clogging up because of the oiled paper, so I didn't push things as far as I would have liked. And, if you couldn't guess, the piece was about the relationship between the objects displayed and the process of the paper.

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Sketchbook Tue... Thursday?

I admit, I'm late on this one. I totally fail.

No excuses this time, though. Just two little sketches I thuroughly enjoyed working on this week.

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Late Sketchbook

Ah, finally, sketches are here! Only four, yet again. I've gotten out of the habit of using my sketchbook over the summer so it's going to be another week or two before I can start updating with new sketches of the week.

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Hidey ho, LJers!
Just giving a heads up that due to having been stranded in Augusta, Georgia this past monday and today being the 4th of July, I've decided to postpone Sketchbook Tuesday until tomorrow. Which, I suppose, makes it Sketchbook Wednesday. Which sounds better. Hm.

Anyway, sketches tomorrow, and if time allows I'll be picking up work on Illustration Friday again. Huzzah!


Additions to the Family

Well, as of today my scanner is officially resurrected and I've procured my very first drafting table thanks to a kind and loving dad. Thanks, Dad!

And now, I really have no excuse to avoid working, so expect new things soon.
or Another Futile Attempt To Look Like I'm Productive

I've found that being in school is great for my productivity, what with assignments and side projects and the always possible death of one's grades and ensuing kicking of my ass by the parental units who fund said schooling experience. However, I'm not in school right now and I'm stuggling to find ways to keep myself productive in my art. So, until I find the Great And Mighty Answer to this delimma, I'm going to FOOL YOU ALL and just make you think I'm productive by creating Sketchbook Tuesdays.

Ahh, Sketchbook Tuesdays. Where you must suffer through whatever random slop I throw at you and SMILE. [or, you know, not.]

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Here's my submission for this week's IlloFriday theme: Spotted.


I don't think I'm done here, yet. Something is definitely missing though I'm not entirely sure what. The eye color needs to pick up the purples and needs a highlight, and the hair could use some work.

As to process, this is acrylic on illustration board, then a layer or watercolor, a wash of oil paint, and it was finished with acrylic and colored pencils.

Illustration Friday : Speed

Here's my piece for this week's Illustration Friday word, Speed:


Colored pencil on craft paper. Yet again, the scanner has washed out half my color. I'm thinking I'll have to start using a better scanner from now on, because it seems like all my favorite details are getting washed out when I use witeiris's.